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Regehr's typical method of working is to develop a series of paintings, sculptures, drawings and writings that project a common theme or philosophy. By delving into the collective subconscious and the psyche he produces images of an intensely personal nature. The work invites reciprocal identification by the viewer.

Regehr formulates his own oils to produce jewel-like colours and multiple layers of glazed pigment which distinguish his paintings. His technique of scumbling and scraping in order to bring forth an image, can be likened to the process of therapeutically peeling back layers of the psyche and the imagination in order to expose truth. Through this process of searching, the unknown can be realized. Figurative mysteries, initially presented as raw expression, resolve into paintings that hold their form, line, colour and subject matter with equal importance. The evocative and authoritative insights of his work reveal an artist of great sensitivity.

His meticulously crafted canvases, sculptures, and drawings are imbued with a deep, ageless quality. We sense the hand of an artist who invests his work with emotional intensity, exposing compelling images that are idiosyncratic and profoundly human in nature.